Booking and Itinerary Delivery Policy

This Booking and Itinerary Delivery Policy outlines the terms and conditions related to the delivery of booking confirmations, itineraries, and related documents for services provided by MSK Tours and Travels Private Limited.

1. Booking Confirmation

1.1. Reservation Confirmation: All bookings are subject to availability and confirmation by MSK Tours and Travels Private Limited.

1.2. Booking Confirmation: Upon successful payment, customers will receive a booking confirmation via the provided email address. This confirmation will include essential details such as travel dates, itinerary, and payment details.

2. Itinerary Delivery

2.1. Itinerary Issuance: The detailed itinerary for the booked tour or travel service will be provided to the customer via email or through the customer’s account on our website.

2.2. Delivery Timeframe: Itineraries will typically be delivered [X] days prior to the departure date. Any changes or updates to the itinerary will be communicated promptly.

3. Electronic Tickets and Documents

3.1. Electronic Tickets: Where applicable, electronic tickets for flights, accommodations, or other services will be issued and sent to the customer electronically.

3.2. Travel Documents: Any necessary travel documents, such as vouchers or tickets, will be provided to the customer electronically. Physical documents may be issued in specific cases and sent to the customer’s provided address.

4. Changes to Itinerary

4.1. Notification: In the event of any changes to the itinerary or travel arrangements, customers will be notified promptly through the contact information provided during the booking process.

4.2. Approval for Changes: Significant changes to the itinerary may require customer approval. Customers will have the option to accept the changes or request alternatives.

5. Contact Information

For inquiries or assistance related to booking confirmations, itinerary delivery, or any other concerns, please contact MSK Tours and Travels Private Limited at:

MSK Tours and Travels Private Limited

Last Updated: 01.03.2024

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